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COMTEC Plastics Plastics Machinery & Engineering

We are engineering for you in accordance with your specifications.


Basic Study

We develop possible preliminary solutions in accordance with your inputs/ specs in relation with first roughly estimated strength calculations. Also with analyze all edge conditions like e.g.:

  • directive and norms compliance
  • benchmarking, patent situation with research
  • clarification of economic reasonable manufacturing possibilities
  • material and heat treatment selection

Prototype / Individual Solution


Converting of preliminary basic concept into complete machine by 3D-CAD, geometric optimization of machine parts suitable for manufacturing, reasonable use of norm / catalog parts, assembly of complete machine, kinematics, strength calculations of critical parts, rough manufacturing cost estimation

Workshop drawings

Detail optimization of 3D CAD model, generation of 2D manufacturing and assembly drawings with corresponding parts list


Preparing of instruction manual resp. assembly instructions acc. to EC-directive