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Our expertise business:
Wear elements and spare parts for extruder and Ko-Kneader

Product Range


COMTEC is the leading German supplier of replacement parts and service for reciprocating Ko-Kneader plants of any brand… and for some very good reasons: We offer over 1,000 standard parts like screw elements, shafts, barrels, gear box parts, feed screws, die plates etc. and we understand the unique processing dynamics that exist in engineered thermoplastics, powder coatings, additive compounding, resin production, color masterbatch, speciality compounding, and thermosets…Critical factors like corrosion, abrasion, and excessive wear characteristics that adversely affect productivity and distribution.

Process chamber materials

Next to the standard installed chrome and nirided steel qualities for regular stressed parts we are mainly focused on high wear resistent resp. high corrosion resistant versions, always taking customers individual application into consideration. This could be powder metal steel processed by hot isostatic pressing (HIP) as well as spin casted bimetallic steel.



We maintain an extensive parts inventory ready for immediate shipment. And if the part you need is not a stocking item, we have turnaround times you can live with due to our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM manufacturing methods.


We are manufacturing our parts in close cooperation with our reliable and local sited partners on ultra-modern CNC-machines with up to 5 axis. Quality has highest priority since only custom-fit parts with highest repeat accuracy guarantees you a perfect part performance in your plant and us a satisfied client, which will contact us again with pleasure.



Our 24 hr service ensure that one of our specialists is at your disposal at any time to avoid that your production plant fails or can be repaired and restarted again within short period.


It might be not always necessary to replace a worn out part by a new one. All too often it can be an economic way to bring it back into original condition by an optimal revamping. Simply send us your worn out parts and we will send you our best quotation after our expertise.


Special edition

This is one of our key strength. If you have individually problems with your Ko-Kneader or any other extruder, if process chamber parts shows abnormal wear or corrosion performance or if you need special designed parts e.g. for capacity increasement and the OEM maschine supplier can not assist you with his standard part program than please contact us. We manufacture any spare part in accordance with your specification.